Our Services


Using some of the most advanced design software in the world, we create stunning visual designs, 2D site plans and accurate estimates.

Bring your dreams to life and visit our design studio in in the courtyard, Hexham to enjoy our 3D experience as we transform photographic imaging of your property into a stunning new 3D design representation of your home for you to view on our 55 inch monitors.


You will have no trouble visualizing your property designs. We simply edit images to give you a life-like representation of how your property will look once your project is complete.

Using our image editor we can create before and after images of your project. Our image library includes endless images and designs of the highest quality of windows and conservatories.

With our professional guidance, together we will create and flex a design in just minutes to consider both design and budget. You can then be assured your project will deliver exactly what you want without blowing your budget


After an on-site survey by one of our highly experienced designers, we make an appointment to meet with you at our 3D studio. Then using state of the art software, we generate accurate and tailored estimates directly from our image editor and planner file, ensuring whatever you choose as your final design, is reflected in your estimate. This process both eliminates errors and gives you the opportunity to view your final design on our 55 ” monitors.